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The London Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic in London provides specialist led physiotherapy services. The state of the art equipment and a modern rehabilitation methodology are focused on the recovery and well-being of the patient with personalised physiotherapy programmes and physiotherapy exercise routines.

At London Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic, we believe that a physiotherapist’s role is perhaps one of the most crucial to an individual in pain. Yet, it is a common misconception that physiotherapy is only helpful for those who have suffered an accident and need help to recover, or for patients suffering from some form of severe joint of muscular pain.

In reality, physiotherapy is a more holistic approach to health and well-being. Physiotherapy is based on science, and its treatments are well grounded in research. In addition to the obvious benefits for patients who suffer from pain or have suffered injury, physiotherapy can also help a person get relief from ailments like asthma and other obstructive pulmonary diseases. We strive to offer the best physiotherapy treatment to our patients at our world class physiotherapy centre in London.

A physiotherapist who focuses on sports and related fields not only tends to injuries, but also helps athletes prepare for upcoming events or competitions. In the world of sports, the physio is a common sight in the team dug-out, and at the slightest hint of trouble, their services are called upon. Athletes depend on their physio as much as their coach. Our well experienced physiotherapist team in London provides some of the best sports physiotherapy treatment to help athletes prepare for any competitions or recover from an injury.

Physiotherapy can be a boon for patients who have suffered a stroke or deal with Parkinson’s disease, and the treatment can significantly improve their quality of life. Patients who have recovered from a heart attack also need the care and support that a physio can provide. At London Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic we have understood this and have helped several patients to provide relief and treatments for the same conditions.

It would not be wrong to say a physiotherapy is a form of healthcare provided at home or in a clinic, though not every qualified physio is a doctor.

For patients in other parts of London, our state of the art clinic in Bow may be your best option. However, if you live in East, North and Central London or Essex, you may also consider a visit to our clinic, as our clinic is also near Essex. Reserve an appointment with our physiotherapists for an assessment or consultation.