Physiotherapy Exercises for Muscle Injuries in East London

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Professional athletes may be more prone to muscle injury, but they are not the only ones who suffer pains and aches because of them. Daily wear and tear, overuse, accidents, and even improper exercise can also lead to muscle injury, and while most of them do go away with some rest and a dose of anti-inflammatory medication, more serious afflictions may require evaluation by a physician who can then prescribe the right physiotherapy treatment to take. Visiting a physiotherapy East London clinic is a step toward the direction of healing for your muscle injury. A physiotherapist is the best person to turn to for the right intervention and therapy to help you recover from your painful or weakened condition.

Hamstring strain is a common muscle injury that responds well to physiotherapy East London. Your hamstring muscles are prone to injury during exhaustive activities like sprinting and jumping. For an injured hamstring to heal properly, early intervention is necessary. Therapy for hamstring injuries typically start with stretching exercises that help control pain. Once pain is managed, strengthening exercises can commence to recover strength in the area. Standing leg curls along with some resistance training are ideal for recovery from hamstring strain.

Another injury prone area you should watch out for is the lower back, which can easily be affected by poor body mechanics, nerve compression, slipped disc, and even simple posture problems. Physiotherapy East London is also useful in helping the body recover from lower back pain. It involves exercises that promote proper stretching, soft tissue mobilisation, flexibility, and mobility. Strengthening and conditioning exercises likewise help prevent future injuries to the lower back.

Physiotherapy not only offers an effective cure for muscle injury. It allows for prevention of common injuries due to strain and excessive use, which is why many athletes and fitness buffs incorporate physiotherapy workouts into their fitness routine.

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