Health Benefits of Aqua Aerobics in London

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Aqua aerobics is one of the most therapeutic forms of exercise that offers an extensive list of incredible health benefits. Working out in the water makes it easier to stay cooler. It also helps in many areas of health, including weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, stress relief, and more. Here are many more reasons why you should consider aqua aerobics London for part of your workout routine:

  • An average 30-minute water workout burns at least 300 calories. Generally, it takes eliminating 3500 calories to burn off 1 pound of body fat. If you do the math, a minimum of three to four-times-a-week pool workout will help you have significant and measurable weight loss.
  • Aqua aerobics London is also gaining popularity because of its cardiovascular benefits. Staying in the water while performing workout exercises is an effective way to enhance your cardio endurance. Water pressure helps improve your cardiovascular strength and because you stay cooler in the water, blood moves through your body at a much faster rate to help warm it up. Combined with a good aerobic program, aqua aerobics results in improved cardiovascular performance.
  • Pool workouts offer low-impact exercises. Conventional strength training can take a toll on your muscles, requiring longer periods of rest to repair themselves. Not only does aqua aerobics London prevent such strain on the muscles—many physical therapists also recommend it to individuals undergoing weightlifting training and other strength exercises, who can do it on their off days to help their muscles heal. Water buoyancy creates less impact on the muscles and joints to help you maintain a healthy workout routine while recuperating. This kind of active training will help you burn fat continuously while also promoting active recovery.

Finally, water aerobics also promote stress relief, thanks to its therapeutic values. Water exercises stimulate the brain in a way that releases chemicals that make your body feel good.

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