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What is Cosmetic Therapy for anti wrinkle Treatment (Botox)?
In Cosmetic therapy, the Botox is used for the treatment of anti wrinkles for the person. Botox helps you to relax the face muscles and temporarily reduces the wrinkles and lines of the face. Some centers also provide dermo fillers with Botox treatment that restore the volume and fullness to your face to give you a more youthful and vibrant face. There are some reports of young people who called the Botox the preventative Botox which means that you can stay younger for long term and your skin will look more beautiful if you use Botox at regular interval. Injection is provided to you in Botox treatment that is filled with hyaluronic acid which restores the natural and youthful skin to your face and helps to remove the lines and wrinkles to your face temporarily.

Some FAQ about Cosmetic therapy (Botox)

Any Post Procedure Process Involved?
Once the injection is inserted into your skin, you need to stay upright or semi upright for about 5-10 minutes and should avoid lying down for about next 2-4 hours. The effect of the Botox is visible within 3-10 days of Botox. Continue with active face expressions for some hours that ensure optimal response and better absorption of Botox in the face.

What are the benefits?
Botox treatment ensures that the crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles and frown lines are removed. Your skin comes out with more younger and fresh skin after Botox treatment.

How safe is it?
Botox treatment is very safe with temporary side effects only with the injected area. There are possibilities of mild pain, some headache, bruising or some swelling near the injected area. With experience and better understanding of the surgeon, the minimum side effects are seen.

Does it give artificial look?
No, it is done by the experts and rightly inserted in the face and it provides the more youthful face to you which you can see in the photos of the previous customers.

What is recovery time for Botox?
It is almost none and you can continue with your daily routine after the treatment of Botox and just need to not to lie down for 2-4 hours after the Botox is used and stay away from the face massage for about 24 hours after treatment.

What is the correct time frame to get the desired results?
The initial results can be seen within 3-10 days of Botox treatment and the effects lasts up to 4-6 months of the Botox treatment. If you maintain your face and pay great care to your face health, the results can go longer.

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