Hydrotherapy – The best way to treat all your muscle problems

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In Greek, Hydrotherapy means ‘water healing’. It is a form of exercise that’s done in a controlled aquatic pool, with the use of heated, sanitised water. In recent times, hydrotherapy has become more and more popular, as a prevalent method for treating, and helping patients cope with a large variety of diseases, such as arthritis and rheumatism.
Hydrotherapy has always been very beneficial , not only due to the pressure and warmth of the water, but predominantly the resilience offered by the treatment. Some of the advantages of this treatment are:

  • The treatment is not a weight bearing exercise
  • Provides relief from pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Promotes relaxation
  • The patients are helped with their joint mobilisation
  • Improves Cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs)
  • The treatment gives muscle strengthening, maintenance & restoration
  • It helps to increase the range of motion in any affected joints

Enhanced circulation
The encircling warmth of the water will reduce muscle tension by causing the surface blood vessels to dilate and causing the skin temperature to snowball which can cause a decrease in the patient’s pain and a reduction in the amount of muscle spasms. Painfulness caused by a reduced range of motion, stiffness or swelling can be relieved as the warmth of the water causes blood vessels to enlarge.
The pressure applied by the water in Hydrotherapy offered by a good physiotherapy centre like London Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic can aid in reducing swelling by causing bodily fluid to move away from the affected area, instead of moving into the problem area. This is amplified with exercise, to help improve the patient’s circulation.
The buoyancy found in hydrotherapy helps to reduce the load placed onto your weight bearing joints, and eradicates the effect linked with walking on dry land, as well as providing assistance with balance.
This aids in reducing pain and making movement easier , using minor exercise. The buoyancy of the water in Hydrotherapy helps move the stiff joint with additional range of movement with minimal exercise.

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