Three Important Reasons to Consider Hydrotherapy Treatment near Essex

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Aquatic therapy involves the use of a specially designed pool to perform manual therapy, exercises, gait training, and sensory integration.  It utilises the water’s properties to provide a safe, invigorating, and functional atmosphere in restoring normal movement.  There are many reasons to choose a hydrotherapy treatment near Essex, and here are just a few of them:

  • Buoyancy – This property of water reduces the force of gravity on your body by as much as 80 percent (at a chest-high level). This type of environment allows you to move without the stress that your body typically receives from your daily life. Buoyancy also decreases the compression of gravity on your spine. A physiotherapist can use hydrotherapy to improve your range of motion by reducing the force that gravity exerts.
  • Hydrostatic pressure -Referring to the force applied to your body by the water, hydrostatic pressure can aid in reducing edema, improving circulation, and even in decreasing blood pressure. Hydrostatic pressure can also be used for resistance (to strengthen and tone muscles) and to improve your breathing capacity. Proper hydrotherapy allows your chest muscles to get used to expanding more, so you can breathe better in your daily life.
  • Temperature – The best hydrotherapy and physiotherapy clinics use an optimum aquatic temperature to help your tissues to relax as well as improve flexibility. The perfect temperature also lets you focus on your movements comfortably. Hydrotherapy allows your physiotherapist to create a challenging yet safe setting for you to start and progress in your rehabilitation program.

The versatility of hydrotherapy has been shown to be useful in treating patients suffering from fibromyalgia, gait dysfunctions, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, post-surgical conditions, low back pain, and many other conditions. Be sure to go to a physiotherapy clinic that can customise a water-based treatment plan based on your medical problem and overall condition. The best hydrotherapy clinics can even work with your doctors to ensure optimum results.

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