Restore Good Health with Unique Features of Hydrotherapy Services near Essex

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Hydrotherapy involves the guided use of movements and exercises performed in a pool for treating conditions like arthritis and partial paralysis. If you are looking to restore your health and mobility, find a hydrotherapy clinic near Essex. Some of the best physiotherapy clinics near the Essex area offer hydrotherapy services and have their own pools.

The best thing about hydrotherapy is that it is considered a part of both mainstream medicine and alternative medicine. Some of the conditions and illnesses that hydrotherapy treat can include depression, arthritis, joint, nerve, and muscle problems, headaches, spinal cord injuries, ankle pain, and more.

The success rates of hydrotherapy are quite impressive, and patients who undergo it are shown to recover faster. It greatly reduces pain and decreases stress in the joints. Hydrotherapy is known to increase the range and strength of movement as well as improve coordination and balance while reducing muscle spasms. Aside from these physical benefits, hydrotherapy is also known to give patients a feeling of achievement—which is particularly important for those in acute rehabilitation stages.

During a hydrotherapy session, the pool should have a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius for the comfort and safety of the patient. Qualified therapists must offer direct assistance to the patients; this may even include dressing and washing. Hydrotherapy may be done with a group, but if you have a special condition, then it’s best to opt for one-on-one sessions. Are you apprehensive about hydrotherapy because you don’t know how to swim? Don’t worry—swimming is not a requirement.

Contact a physiotherapy clinic near the Essex area today to book a consultation. Physiotherapists will assess your condition to find out if hydrotherapy is the best option to restore your health.

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