Hydrotherapy Services in London: Boost your stamina

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Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is a type of therapy that can heal or treat disorders with the use of water. This therapy is not new—in fact, it dates back to ancient Roman and Greek periods. It played a major part in countless traditional medical practices.

The health benefits of hydrotherapy are derived from thermal and mechanical effects of water when it interacts with the body. The use of pressure and temperature combined with herbal and mineral delivery treatment can manipulate blood flow and improve your endocrine system along with other associated neural systems.

Your skin interacts with water and your nerves will sense a change, which will then provide stimulation to your immune system. Hydrotherapy can also lessen your sensitivity to bodily pain, improve your digestion and circulation, and influence the production of stress hormones in your body. All these can help in boosting your defence system and ability to fight off diseases.

Water is known to relax muscles and can also assist in the release of toxins. Hydrotherapy is ideal for patients with sore muscles, poor circulation, rheumatism, and arthritis. Visit a London hydrotherapy clinic today to boost your defence system. Aside from improving your immune system, hydrotherapy can also fight infections. Here are other benefits of hydrotherapy:

Speed up muscle recovery – Hot water hydrotherapy can relieve you of muscle injuries, such as spasms, swelling, and cramps. It also increases the blood flow that goes to the soft tissues of your body.

Improve sleep and relieve stress – It is known that hot water has a calming effect on endocrine and nervous systems. This will result in reducing the effects of stress and promoting a good night’s sleep.

Control a diabetic’s blood sugar level – It is common for people who have diabetes to be obese, which isn’t helpful as they then find it hard to exercise. Hot water hydrotherapy can be used to mitigate the overactive endocrine system and increase blood flow towards muscles.

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